PROFleet Hotel Rebate Program

IMPORTANT! It is the DRIVER’S responsibility to track the applicable days AND submit the required form by the 10th of each month.

Updated 3/7/2024

Effective September 1,2021 all PROFleet drivers who currently drive a truck with a sleeper cab will be given the option to stay in a CLC approved hotel while working, on deviation or on his/her 48-hour restart. Should a driver meet the eligibility requirements but still stay in his/her sleeper cab, the company will pay a $45/night rebate.
Drivers must meet all eligibility requirements to participate.


• Must be a PROFleet driver who is currently operating a truck with a sleeper cab.
• Must have the need to stay overnight away from residence (distance must exceed 100 miles).
• Must be actively assigned freight, on deviation or on 34-hour restart.
• Driver must be actively working for Proficient Auto Transport, Inc. at the time the payout is due.“Actively working” is defined as a full time Proficient employee physically operating auto transport equipment in a full duty capacity daily and meeting productivity goals.


• Any driver who would like to receive the rebate will be required to submit the Hotel Rebate Program form
by the 10th of the following month.
• Any forms submitted after the 10th of the following month will be denied.
• Rebate will be included in the first paycheck of the month following the month of submittal. For example, if you are submitting for January you will need to complete and submit the form by February 10th. If the Form is submitted by February 10th, the rebate will be included in the first paycheck in March.
• In the event the driver has made a hotel reservation yet forgot to cancel the same, the Company will not pay the rebate. This is because the Company is still billed and must pay for uncancelled reservations.
• If the Company is billed for a hotel stay AND you were also paid the rebate, the Company will recoup the money via a future payroll deduction.

The information you will be required to provide when completing the form is as follows.
• First Name, Last Name
• Truck Number
• # Days requested
• Dates associated with the days requested.

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